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Business to Business (B2B) Sales

When time and resources are stretched, one of the first things to drop is your ability to prioritise and strategise which opportunities you should pursue and which you should leave for others. Being selective is very difficult when the potential contract gain is attractive. However, being realistic on your chances for success, on the strength of your relationship and in your ability to deliver is critical. Managing your pipeline, identifying the ‘right’ opportunities for you and developing propositions which are ‘fit for market’ is the first and most important stage of any successful sales organisation. Whether its working with you to develop your sales strategies, training and mentoring your own teams to develop their own pipeline or alternatively directly supporting your business over the medium term – we can help.

Upon identifying great opportunities, successful organisations understand the procurement process and produce bids which create access to the key decision makers – ensuring their relationships count. It is a tricky business, and often one with unreasonable expectations of both deadlines and detail. This is where our strength adds real tangible value – we can help you prepare a Bid Winning response and provide you with a ‘legacy’ to produce more of your own in the future.

In the age of competitive tendering, the most successful companies are those which deliver a professional and carefully crafted tender submission which really hits the clients’  wants, needs and expectations in a succinct style. This provides the platform to leverage the strong relationship and rapport which has been built

So, how do you stand out from the crowd? How do you ensure your bid represents you and the superb service you could offer a client? How do you communicate the most important elements of your bid to those time-pressured decision makers.

We have been producing the most innovative and creative bid submissions for our employers and clients for many years.  Working with some amazing design partners, we can provide you with access to brand/concept visualisers, interior and technical designers, and print companies. Each can provide the creativity and ‘fresh thinking’ to develop an industry leading bid response. In fact, as an example Screaming Colour has been awarded the prestigious ‘Digital Design Printer of the Year’ for the last 5 years testament to the professionalism of our partners.

When the occasional ‘must win’ tender opportunity is presented to our clients, many use their limited time and resources on bid completion rather than focussing on the critical area of client relationships. We can help. We can provide you with the ad hoc resources to bring together a bid winning submission and free up your management time to focus on the job in hand – developing a strong sales relationship with your prospect.

Why are we different?

  • Turn key solution which fits around your team
  • Ability to adapt and morph to your culture and approach to ensure your bid represents you
  • Focussed project led activity ensures your core business activities are unaffected by the extraordinary demands of occasional major bid activity
  • Exceptional success rates of our bid management and bid writing team from a variety of sectors
  • Senior level project management through dedicated bid managers providing you a single point of contact for all your bid requirements.
  • Diverse project team through associates including bid managers, copy writers, strategists, design, document layout team and production capability
  • Access to 24-hour production capability to ensure that those ‘last minute’ tenders can be completed and delivered to the highest possible standards

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